Sun Joe SPX3000After a long winter up in Michigan, all the piles of snow begin to melt and it seems like there isn’t one thing that isn’t covered in dirt. With snow reaching as high as two or three feet in some areas, the sides of my vinyl paneled garage and house, our cars, the deck, our outdoor furniture and the driveway are all layered with dirt. It sticks onto everything so thick that a simple hose spray just will not do. The past couple years, I have borrowed my neighbors pressure washer to clean everything off but since he moved this summer, it was time I invested in my own.



After debating between a few different models, thanks to advice from some friends I settled with the Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.6 GPM Electric Pressure Washer. When it arrives, it must first be assembled before it can be used. This started off on a rough note due to not having an instruction manual included with the unit. After a few seconds of thinking though, I looked on the manufacturer’s website and found the operator’s manual which provided detailed step by step instructions to assemble and use the pressure washer. After having the correct instructions, it only took about a half hour to correctly assemble.

Once assembly was complete, I found the garden hose adapter and hooked it up to use for the first time. Before hooking it up, flush the air out of the hose so it’s full of water before attached to the pressure washer. I learned from my old neighbor that if you don’t get the out of the hose before you turn the motor on, you can easily ruin a perfectly good motor.

First Time Testing

When testing the higher pressure tips, surprisingly, the pump maintained the 1.2 GMP flow without dropping. I’ve used multiple different tips when cleaning my car and its mag wheels which were very easy to switch back and forth between. The pressure was so strong, I got everything clean without even using soap. I haven’t yet been able to find any pressure washer soap that can be used through the pump that won’t damage this unit, but as I said, having no soap wasn’t even as issue. There was also a large slab of concrete in my backyard with years of mildew and dirt that has accumulated which came perfectly clean without the use of any soap.

Lasting Impression

One of the last areas I cleaned with this unit was the siding on my house. The areas closer to the ground were easy to reach and got sparkly clean within minutes. I was worried the second floor would be harder to reach and not get clean as well due to being on the ground. The pressure was so strong on this machine that even the second story siding got clean from ground level. Overall, I am very pleased with this unit as it has accomplished every job I’ve attempted with it.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Review by Edward

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