powerworks-51102Pressure washers are noisy. In fact, they are incredibly noisy. There are a number of quiet units on the market however, these tend to be out of the price range for a casual user of pressure washers. However, I was intrigued when I caught wind of the Powerworks 51102 Pressure Washer. Not only was it affordable, but it was incredibly cheap. Does it have the quality to match though? Let’s take a little look.





Of course, the main benefit of using the Powerworks 51102 is the fact that it is quiet. This is all down to the induction motor that it uses. I am not saying that it is completely silent. However, it is nothing more than a small whirring noise, and that should be enough for most people.

The build quality is mainly plastic (you really can’t expect anything else at this price). However, what is fascinating is the fact that despite it being a mainly plastic construction it still feels pretty rugged. In fact, browsing through a couple of over reviews it seems that people are in agreement that this unit is actually more rugged when it comes to construction than many other more expensive pressure washers out there.

In terms of power, you get a whole 1700 PSI worth. This is more than enough to tackle any job that you will want to do around the home. I have known some people to use these on a professional basis with great success. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the Powerworks 51102 has only been designed for use around the home. The manufacturer therefore offers no guarantee when it comes to reliability beyond this.

One of the things that I absolutely love about this unit is its unique shape. As you may know, the majority of pressure washers on the market tend to be of an upright stature. This is great in some regards. However, they are also prone to falling down from time to time. The Powerworks 51102 is of an almost ‘lawnmower’ shape. This means that it is easy to move about and of course, does not fall over.


For a pressure washer of this price there is actually very little in the way of cons. I think the only issue I have with it is that the hose can be a little bit tricky to use from time to time. However, it will only take a couple of uses to work out how to use it perfectly and at that point you will be ‘pressure washing’ like a pro. I therefore do not see this as much of an issue.

If you are looking for a good quality electric pressure washer for use around the home then the Powerworks 51102 is going to serve you well. I can’t fault the build quality at all, and the fact that it is ever so quiet is the icing on the cake. Check it out. I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

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