karcher-x-seriesWhen it comes to pressure washers, I do not think there is a bigger name in the industry than Karcher. It seems as though they have taken the world by storm with their products appearing almost everywhere. The problem is, once you get this big you have a tendency to offer cheaper products in order to attract as many people to buy from you as possible. At one stage Karcher were guilty of this. They launched a number of cheap products which just were plain awful. Thankfully, they have now learnt from their mistake. They are veering away from the cheaper products and innovating again. This Karcher K 3.540 shows their innovation. It is a true return to form.



This is one of the pressure washers in the Karcher X-Series line of units. They class it as a ‘mid-level’ unit. In terms of power, the motor (which will discuss in a little bit more depth soon) pumps out 1800 PSI. This is about the norm for pressure washers at this price point. However, from what I can tell during use, it was a great deal more effective. It should certainly be able to deal with most cleaning jobs around the household (cleaning grills, the walls of your home, decking, etc.). The Karcher K 3.540 comes with two different cleaning wands. This should make it easy to choose the right one for the job.

The motor itself is a first for Karcher pressure washers. This is because it is ‘water cooled’. This leads to a far longer life as the motor will not be overheating as much. In addition to this, many of the people who have used the Karcher K 3.540 claim that it delivers a far quieter operation (and trust me, pressure washers can get pretty noisy).

One of the things that I absolutely loved about the Karcher is the fact that despite it being an upright unit, it is actually fairly stable. It is easy to move around too. You won’t have to worry about this falling over like some of the cheaper pressure washers that you can purchase.

Karcher X-Series  1800 PSI Problems

  • cheap plastic connectors

The only real complaint about the Karcher K 3.540 is the fact that the housing is made of plastic. It is pretty rugged plastic, I give you that. However, if you drop this hard onto concrete then it will crack. I am sure that there are very few situations as a residential user where you may end up dropping it anyway. It should therefore not cause too many issues. Other than this, positive reviews around the internet tend to be fairly positive for the Karcher K 3.540.

If you are after a cheap ‘mid-level’ pressure washer for use around the home then I seriously can suggest you look into purchasing the Karcher K 3.540 Pressure Washer. It represents fabulous value for money and I seriously doubt you will be able to do much better than it for this price.

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