When did you last clean the front of your house? Why is it so dirty? The answer is perhaps obvious. You did not get a suitable worker to clean it. Also, paid labor is often very expensive. If this sounds familiar, then we have good news for you! You can clean it yourself! All you need is a Sunday and a convenient electric pressure washer.

This is the most functional equipment with which you can remove grime and dust from the surfaces of walls, buildings, walkways, and vehicles. This machine washes with water jetted through a variety of nozzles. The water is forced through the nozzles with the help of a highly efficient motor. The nozzles are placed at the end of a convenient wand, which is attached directly to the trigger.


There are different types of nozzles available. There are those that jet a sheet of water, and there are others that force out very a thin jet of water at a high pressure. Both of these have specific functions. The thin, forceful jet of water is used to dislodge dirt and grime from narrow spaces, crevices, and holes, while the sheet of water is used for washing away this dislodged dirt.

There are some pressure washers that use hot water, or even steam. Other machines have provisions for the use of solvents or detergents. There are even models that have the capacity to force wet sand through nozzles for more effective cleaning. This is why power washers are highly functional in dealing with tough cleanings.

These machines come in different models. There are heavy duty models, which are used by the professionals to tackle very elaborate professional work. The portable models are used for domestic or lighter work. There are also models available that can be attached and carried over the shoulder. This is useful in cleaning vehicles and other less dirty surfaces.

Why to Choose Electric Pressure Washers for Cleaning

If you have larger surfaces, such as buildings, walls, or patios to clean, it is better to use pressure washers. Pressure washers come in two types. There are some models that work with the help of gasoline, and others that are powered by electricity.

The pressure cleaners running on gasoline have more PSI output (Pound per Square Inch). So, these are mainly used by professionals to handle heavier cleaning assignments. The electrical pressure cleaners are less expensive and lighter in weight, making them the preferred models.

If you have ever hired people to scrub your walls or drive, you know that it can take a lot of time and expense. With the electrical power washer, it takes a very short time to clean large surfaces. Therefore, it is less expensive, easier, and time-saving. The cleaning is more efficient, since the water jets penetrate even the smallest holes or depressions, and it takes much less water to clean.

How to Choose Your Electric Pressure Washer

When you set out to choose the best electric pressure washer, first think of the work you are likely to accomplish using your pressure washer. If you are taking up pressure-washing as a profession, you will definitely need a heavier and more efficient model, which has a PSI output of about 3000.

If you are looking for a pressure cleaner to help with your vehicle cleaning or the lighter cleaning jobs around your house, you would benefit more from choosing a lighter and portable model.

Look for a model that will serve your purpose. Heavier and bigger models with more accessories should be selected for professional use. A lighter, portable model is suitable for personal use.

Select a model that is quick to set up and easy to use. Take care to choose one with sturdy and very functional wheels, in order to facilitate smooth movement, if the pressure washer happens to be heavy.

The engine that powers the pump should be efficient enough to produce a proper and powerful spray. Engines should be selected base on the PSI, rather than on the power specifications.

When you choose the pump, choose it based on the amount of water that is pumped in one minute through the nozzle. This is known as the GPM of the pressure washer.

It is better to buy a variety of nozzles, so that you can use the nozzle suitable for the job at hand. Usually, the angle of the nozzle will be marked on it. It ranges from 0° to 45°. 0° will produce pencil thin jets, and 45° will eject a sheet of water. You can select the one that best suits your job.

The wand should be adjustable and ergonomically made.

Pressure cleaners with cooling systems enhance the life of the motor up to five times. There are also models in which water circulation is provided around the motor.

If the pressure of the jets can be adjusted, you can use high pressure to dislodge the grime and low pressure to rinse the surface.

Adjustable spray intensity is another convenient provision. When you can adjust the spray intensity, you can control the water usage.

Power washers in which hot and cold water can be used are more useful. Some kinds of dirt and build-up are removed better with hot water. So, when buying a best pressure washer, it is better to buy one with both options.

Select an electric cleaner with a high CP. CP is the cleaning power of the washer. The CP of a pressure washer is its PSI x GPM.

Choose an electric pressure cleaner that has the capacity to draw from still water apart from a faucet. This will be very convenient if you do not have a faucet at your work site.

Get an electric pressure cleaner with at least a one year guarantee/warranty.

Finally, decide on your price range. Look for an electric pressure cleaner that suits your pocket, as well as your job.

Electrical pressure washers are suitable for household cleaning projects. They are easy to handle and light-weight. Compared to the gas operated power cleaners, electric power cleaners are safer, because of their lower force and lighter weight. These power washers also require less maintenance than the gas operated ones.