generac-5997If you are searching for a professional pressure washer then it is likely you will know exactly the sort of thing you are after. You want something that is built to an incredibly high quality. You want something that is portable (but not so light that it is unstable), you want something that is able to actually clean, and you want something which is powerful. I think the Generac 5997 Pressure Washer is going to fit the bill here.




This is a commercial pressure washer. This means that it has actually been rated for use in an industrial environment. This is incredibly important. If you purchase a ‘residential’ pressure washer then it will not be covered should it break under long term use commercially. If you are running a business then you need something like this at a very minimum.

It is also worth noting that this is a gas powered pressure washer. This is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, since it is gas powered you do not have to worry about having an electrical power point free. You can just load it up with gas (it really does not need much gas to run) and you are pretty much ‘good to go’. In addition to this, the Generac 5997 is powerful. This is down to the gas motor inside. You will not get power like this with electrical system.

Shooting water out at 4,000 PSI and at 4.0 gallons per minute, this is a pressure washer which has certainly been built to get the job done. It will remove even the most stubborn stains from what you are trying to clean. This makes it ideal for commercial use. After all, you never know what you are going to come up against!

Everything about this unit has been built to an incredibly high specification. You will get years of useful life out of it. On the off chance that something does go wrong, then the team over at Generac will be more than happy to fix the problem for you as quickly as they possibly can. This really is the perfect item for any business.


I do have one major gripe with the Generac 5997. This is that it can be slightly difficult for a ‘newbie’ to get to grips with the machine. Yes, this is a commercial pressure washer. They are built to be slightly more complex than others. However, there seems to things that the manual simply leaves out or even worse, gets completely wrong when it comes to the operation of the unit. For example, the manual completely leaves out the fact that you need to turn that pressure adjustment valve all the way down before you start up the engine. If you do not do that, you will not be able to boot the pressure washer up. Another user pointed out that the shutdown manual was completely wrong. The method highlighted gave a very loud backfire which was not pleasant at all. Once you have got over these problems then it is fine. I just wished they launched a slightly more in depth manual. Maybe in the future, eh?

Generac 5997 Pressure Washer Problems

  • Engine won’t start

If you are looking for a high quality pressure washer which has been built to get the job done then Generac 5997 is perfect for you. At this low price it is suitable for both residential and commercial usage. I am positive that nobody would be disappointed in this.

Discontinued by manufacturer.