DeWalt-DXPW3228I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with DeWalt. In the past they made absolutely fantastic tools. However, since they were purchased by discount power tool manufacturer ‘Black & Decker’, I really do feel that some of their products have gone downhill. However that is not the case with the DXPW3228. Pressure washers are something that they have always done well.




This is one powerful product. It really is. You get a constant 3200 PSI and 2.8 Gallons of water per minute delivered to wherever you point that hose. Whatever you are trying to clean off is going to disappear incredibly quickly. One of the things that I love about the DeWalt is that it is not as prone to losing pressure like some other units on the market. You can be sure that you are going to get maximum pressure every time you squeeze that trigger.

This is a gas unit. This means that you get a lot of power. After all, you will not need to worry about plugging it into an electrical power point. Portability is obviously useful for a building site. This is not just any gas engine though. For your money you are getting a Honda engine. These are well known for being some of the best in the industry. You would not believe how smooth and quiet and they are. Most other gas pressure washers will take a couple of tries to actually start that engine. This unit? You will probably get it started on the first try.

As with all DeWalt products, the construction quality is exceedingly high. Sure, it is not as ‘well-constructed’ as some of their larger pressure washers that they keep. It should be more than enough for most situations though. It certainly is not going to be breaking any time soon. That solid steel frame is just too good.

For me, there were very few negatives with the DeWalt DXPW3228 pressure washer. I suppose the only fault in my opinion is that there could be a little bit more power in the unit (there are some industrial pressure washers at this price which exceed 4000 PSI). It is not too much of a problem though. It should be able to do most things that you want it to do.

Is this a good product for your money? You bet it is! If you are looking for an industrial pressure washer then I really do suggest that you go with a ‘big name’ like DeWalt. Yes, there are cheaper industrial units on the market. However, despite their failings in some areas, DeWalt are actually a pretty sound company to deal with, particularly when it comes to customer service. If your pressure washer ever breaks (and if you have it for years then something will happen) then you can be sure that the spares will be available for it to get repaired. In fact, DeWalt keep spares up to twenty years after discontinuing a model!

Discontinued by manufacturer.