Finding an electric pressure washer may not be the easiest thing in the world to do on your own. You have to find something that meets your needs and price range, and then hope that you can get some extra features for the price. You also have to worry about if the product will be able to get the job you need done in a way that you can accept. Many electric pressure washers are not powerful enough to do industrial tasks, but they are able to do things around the house like wash automobiles, house exteriors, and scrub dirty decks.

Whenever you figure out what you need yours to do, you will have a better idea of what accessories you will want your machine to have. There are a variety to choose from, such as automatic shut off, soap reservoirs, different size nozzle tips, hose reels, and storage for all of your accessories. Doing diligent research can bring you closer to finding the product you want and it can show you what is out there. There are actually many different pressure washers for sale that are nearly as powerful as their gas counterparts, but are much easier to use and put together. So easy to use that anyone can use them, even children. They also happen to be quieter and are uncomplicated to move around, but are not actually limited on their features or value. Here are some of the top washers that you can find for residential use.

Ivation Electric Pressure Washer Review

Ivation-Electric-Pressure-Washer This pressure washer comes with everything you need to start working and only takes around a minute to set up. This includes 5 nozzles that are a breeze to switch out, depending on what you need them to do. There is also a turbo wand, for the tough jobs, and a soap dispenser, so you can clean nearly anything you need to. It is a 2200 PSI machine, which means it has enough pressure to do whatever job you ask of it.

Besides that, this product looks cool and is state of the art. It is black and orange in color and stands up much like a household vacuum cleaner. It is well made and weighs around 25 pounds, so it isn’t too much work to carry it from one place to another. This means it is extremely portable and small enough to use all around the house, or take somewhere to use as well. The machine even has wheels on it, so you don’t have to break your back carrying it while you are doing a job or trying to get something accomplished. It is designed to be used on cars, the outside of houses, and even to water down your driveway.

Bonus features include the fact that it can suck up water to use if there is no other water available and that the product will shut itself off when no nozzles are being used. It does have a power cord, so you have to be near an electrical outlet to use it. However, that doesn’t make it any less powerful as it can still be used all over the house to clean whatever you need.

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People that have used the product say that it is just as powerful as some gas powered models they have purchased, and delivers on all the tasks in a satisfactory manner. They also note that even though it can’t be used for industrial jobs, it has no problems at all doing things like removing stains, paint, and other things that need to be cleaned up from time to time, which is unheard of for the price.

GreenWorks GW1951 Review

GreenWorks-GW1951 This sleek little gadget operates at 1950 PSI and 1.2 gallons per minute to make sure you can get a great wash on the projects you are attempting to complete. This is why it is certified by the Pressure Washer Manufacturers’ Association. The motor is water resistant, which can help a great deal in the event of an emergency, and also ensures that the product has a longer life. Even though it comes with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer, there is a good chance that it will hold up for quite a while longer when handled with care and stored properly. The machine can also be used either vertically or horizontally, so you don’t have to worry about it being able to fit in a certain area you are trying to clean. You will always have a good angle so you can complete the job. The device is bright green and black and has a hose reel for the hose it comes with, which is 25 feet in length and highly durable. It also has a soap dispenser and a more powerful hose than other models, so it can clean as well as wash things around your home. The best part is that the slim line design means that it won’t take up a lot of room when you are storing it or transporting it, so you can really take it anywhere.

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People that have purchased the machine think that it gets the job done well and love the extra features. They also enjoy the hose reel, which isn’t available on all models, and note that the hose itself is not hard to place back on the reel after you use it. They also describe that it can be wheeled wherever you want it to go, which makes it easy to roll around outside your home or take somewhere else, so you can wash your cars or other items you may need cleansed. Being able to stand up or lie flat also helps with different jobs and it is simple enough to use that anyone can do it rather easily.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS Review

AR-Blue-Clean-AR390SS This item looks a lot like a small carpet cleaner, so you know it doesn’t take up too much room. The body is black with blue accents and a large handle on top, so you can hold on to it and wheel it around. It can deliver on a number of different tasks and it is easy to figure out and use. It comes with a hose, lance, and gun, so you have all the attachments you need to take on a wide variety of jobs, and the controls are straightforward, especially if you read the instructions before you first use the product. Besides that, the washer is designed to save more water than its competitors, perhaps up to 80 percent more water efficiency.

The product can produce 2000 PSI, meaning it means business. It will clean off the outside of your house, your cars, and whatever else you ask it to do. It has handy storage for all the attachments so they won’t get lost, and it has heavy-duty wheels, so you won’t have to worry about the machine not being able to be rolled around on certain terrains. However, the best selling point is that the machine is very easy on the ears. It makes hardly any noise when you are using it, which is great if you live really close to your neighbors.

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Customers really like that the product can produce great results when cleaning and washing, but don’t care for the hose. They say it is not flexible enough and may cause a bit of a headache when you are trying to use it. They also say it causes the device to tip over all the time while you are using it. One way to fix this is to make sure you have enough slack in your hose when you are using the washer. Other than that, you can also make sure you plan out your task, so that you are more aware of what you are doing at all times. They also love that it is quiet, yet doesn’t hold out when it comes to power and being able to get things done.

Sun Joe SPX3001 Review

Sun-Joe-SPX3001 This is a cool contraption that looks like it may glow in the dark. The exterior is bright yellow and black, so it has a look that you will not soon forget, much less lose in your garage. It would be easy to find even if your garage is crowded, which may be able to help you remember to use it to do different things.
It has an 1800 watt motor that can deliver up to 2030 PSI. It also has a number of spray tips which cover you, no matter what size job you have to do around your homestead. There is a spray for light-duty, one for medium, all the way to heavy-duty.

The product also has a 2 year warranty, so you can rest assured that it will be your trusted friend for a long time. It shuts off when not in use and has a reel to replace the 20 foot hose when you are storing the item. Other noteworthy features include an extra long electrical cord, which allows you to use it virtually anywhere that has access to electricity, and a large tank to put soap in, so you can wash your car or boat in a reasonable fashion. There is a place for all the attachments right on the base, so you should have no trouble finding everything when it comes time to use the item.

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People that have rated this product think that it is of greater quality than many other products they have used. For one, it is very powerful for being an electric device, and it has one of everything you need. The plastic exterior is strong and it can be moved easily whenever you need it in a different place. They also comment on how straightforward it is to put together, with assembly only taking a minute or so. Between the long hose and the long cord, you can get away with a lot, and cleaning even something at the edge of your yard wouldn’t be difficult to do. This product is powerful, easy to use, and looks really cool too.

The Force 2000 Powerhouse International Review

THE-FORCE-2000 This machine really lives up to its name as a powerhouse. It can provide up to 2000 PSI, with an initial PSI of 3000 when the machine comes on. It also has a system that turns the machine completely off right away when the trigger is not being used. Moreover, there are a few other extras this machine has that are hard to find elsewhere. For one, there is a hose reel, which actually has a crank to put the hose back easily after each use. You don’t have to worry about winding it over and over, and instead can just turn the handle a few times. There is also a special brush attachment that is designed to help you get dirt and grime from different surfaces.

Not only can you dictate what the spray of the water looks like, from thin to a wider spray, but you can also dictate how much soap is being utilized. The machine looks like a no-nonsense industrial machine that is gray and made of very tough plastic. There is room on it to hold all of the various attachments it has, so you can keep the entire machine stored when you don’t need to use it.

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Users are blown away by how easy this machine is to put together, use, and how powerful it is. It rivals some low end gas machines and is easy enough for children to use properly. It only weighs around 24 pounds, so it won’t break your back when you are moving it around. Just take care when you are wheeling it around because it doesn’t have a lot of weight to keep it upright when it is in use, and you don’t want to damage it by moving it around too much. All the little extras really add up in this machine and make for something that is fun to use and cleans many things very well. The machine and the name really mean business and the power behind it makes sure that it isn’t just hype, and that it actually works well and is potent.