AR-Blue-Clean-AR142Over the past couple of years, pressure washers have become one of the ‘staple’ tools for use around the home. After all, they are able to tackle most ‘outdoor’ and a few ‘indoor’ cleaning jobs with ease. For example, you will be able to clean the walls of your house down, give that barbecue a quick spray, or you may even want to clean your decking. They are incredibly useful. The problem is, most of the cheaper units on the market are woeful. This means that most people have been turned off the idea of actually having a pressure washer. Thankfully, I have found the perfect pressure washer for those who are after something cheap yet constructed to a high quality. Say hello to the AR Blue Clean AR142.



This is a 1600 PSI unit. This means that it can force out the water with quite some pressure. It should be more than enough to tackle almost every job around the home (there may be some situations where you need to call in a professional. These situations should be few and far between though).

It is also incredibly portable. It is light to pick up and move around. It even has wheels! One of the things that I absolutely love about the AR Blue Clean AR142 is that it is actually stable. Most portable washers on the market just fall over at the slightest tug. Not this one though. It will stand proud when others would have fallen. The power cord and pressure washer hose have enough length in them to get into even the most difficult of places.

One awesome thing about the unit is that it comes complete with a number of different tools to make various jobs much easier. The downside is that the amount of tools that you have are difficult to store. You are going to need to have space to put this baby, that’s for sure!

There are a couple of downsides sadly. After all, there is not a single product out there which is perfect. The AR Blue Clean AR142 is certainly not an exception to this rule. Firstly, in my opinion (and the opinion of most other people) the manual is not crystal clear. I mean, you will be able to power through it, but it will take a while to get to grips with all of the features.

Many people also suffered from severe start-up issues with the unit. To be honest though, from what I can tell, this is through lack of following the instructions in the manual (and they are clear in this regard) as opposed to anything else.

The AR Blue Clean AR142 also seems to be sorely lacking in features that can be found in other units of this price. One thing that I absolutely loathed was the fact that there is no chamber built in to hold cleaning solution. You have to make do with a bottle attachment which holds just 12oz of fluid. Sure, this is fine for smaller jobs, but when you get to those bigger jobs it really does not cut the mustard. Nobody wants to be filling the tank up time and time again. It is just not feasible.

If you are looking for a decent pressure washer that should be able to get most jobs around the house complete quickly then I am sure that you will not do any better than the AR Blue Clean AR142. It is perfect for almost every job. It is simple to use and it is simple to store when not in use. It is cheap too. Why not take a little look at it?

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