AR Blue Clean AR383Over the past couple of years, pressure washers have become incredibly popular. In fact, I am sure that manufacturers did not come anywhere close to predicting how many people would snap them up for home use. As I write this review I am reminded of a couple of companies that tried to cash in on the early craze of ‘home’ pressure washers. Very few of them actually succeeded. This is because they were unable to build a decent unit at a low price. Thankfully, times have changed. You can now get top quality pressure washers without spending a lot of money. The AR Blue Clean AR383 is one such unit. Is it any good though? Let’s take a little look!




This unit, from the out-set, has been designed for home use. It has tremendous build quality, but it is not something that you are going to want to be dragging around a professional environment for too long. Don’t worry though! In a home setting, you will get years upon years of use out of it for a very low price.

It is a very lightweight unit and is placed on wheels. This means that transporting it around is incredibly simple. The electrical cord is also pretty long, which makes it perfect for reaching those areas without power outlets. In short, if you want something that is easy to get out whenever you need it, the AR Blue Clean AR383 is the pressure washer for the job.

In terms of the pressure it puts out, it goes up to 1900 PSI. This is not up there with the highest. However, in my experience, this is more than enough for almost every job that you will be throwing at it in the household environment. In fact, it will get things clean pretty quickly and without too much hassle. It works on almost every surface.

AR383 Pressure Washer Problems

  • Water leaks from hose
  • Important parts are made of plastic

Sadly, there is no such thing as a perfect product. The AR Blue Clean is not an exception to this rule. People who have used this unit have identified a number of issues, perhaps the main one being that there is an ever-so-slight issue with the tube that sprays the water. I say “ever-so-slight” because it can be fixed for less than a dollar. I also think that the build quality of the rest of the AR Blue Clean is more than up to scratch, and thus, I am willing to let this slide. Truth be told, it is likely that the issue will have been dealt with by the manufacturers already. You therefore should not worry too much about it.

If you are after a decent high-pressure hose for use around the home, then I doubt that you are going to get much better value for your money than the AR Blue Clean AR383. Sure, it does have a con. However, this is an issue that is easily dealt with, and once it has been dealt with, you are going to end up with a unit that is many times better than some of the slightly more expensive pressure washers on the market. You are not going to go wrong with this machine. I promise you!

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