AR-Blue-Clean-AR116-1450-PSI-reviewPressure Washers are more popular than they have ever been. It seems as though the marketing companies know exactly what they are doing and have launched a torrent of marketing that is really convincing people to purchase their units. I have no problem with that. They are incredibly useful. The problem that the consumer has however is making sure that they choose the perfect pressure washer. This is something which is actually far easier said than done. On this page I want to introduce you to the AR Blue Clean AR116 Pressure Washer.




This is a residential-only pressure washer through and through. It can get the job done in most cases, but you will be there for a while over larger areas. This is because it has a PSI of just 1450. That being said, if you are cleaning off a small area then that dirt and grime will be eradicated instantly through the combination of water pressure and the amount of water it lets out at a time. The pressure washer (once set up) is simple to use with a trigger switch delivering the water. It even has a lock on it so you can be sure that you do not fire it accidentally.

The AR Blue Clean AR116 seems to suffer exactly the same problem as most pressure washers that I have seen on the market. This is the fact that the instructions are sub-par. You really would not have thought that it would be this difficult to put a pressure washer together, particularly if you have a bit of experience in doing so. Many people have got in touch with the manufacturer for a bit of advice which seems to help. If you are not willing to do that though, then you may be struggling for an hour or so to put it together. Don’t worry though, it is simple to use when fully constructed!

Another issue people seem to have with the AR Blue Clean AR116 is that it is not doing the job that they want it to do. You have to realize that in the grand scheme of things this is quite a low pressure cleaner. It has to be. It is cheap and a residential cleaner. If you want to cover a large area at once then you just are not going to do it with this. The pressure will be far too low. HOWEVER if you turn the pressure right the way up the stream of water will get narrower. It delivers intense pressure to eradicate almost all dirt and grime. However, expect the job to take far longer in all but the smallest of areas.

If you are after a high quality washer which can do almost every job around the house then do look elsewhere. If you are after a washer which can do patio cleaning then I think this is the right one for you. It is basic, but it will get the job done for quite a low price. I have no qualms with that.

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